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Experience the adventure of a lifetime and discover all the natural elements of Iceland.

Do you dream of escaping from the bonds of civilization and discovering the raw beauty of Nature? Do you want to feel its force with all your senses? Iceland is the right choice! It is one of a kind place for dozens of reasons, and with us, you have them all at your fingertips. Mighty volcanos, rushing rivers, deserts, fantastic rock formations, hot springs, hidden caves (including ice caves), and the queen of the north: Aurora Borealis. These natural phenomena, along with unusual folklore and the people themselves, give Iceland its exceptional atmosphere. They will ensure that each day of the expedition provides you with intense experiences. Feel the excitement with us. Explore Iceland along with experienced travelers and nature enthusiasts. At our own pace and following nature.

Made-to-measure expeditions in Iceland – a travel plan adjusted to suit your expectations and abilities

We have a vast knowledge of Iceland. Therefore, we know how to select attractions to meet your expectations and capabilities. You and your friends would like to go trekking, during which you’ll discover places inaccessible to most tourists and challenge yourselves. Together we’ll hike down the 80-kilometer Landmannalaugar Trail (one of National Geographic’s top 20 dream trails!). Are you going to Iceland with your family? We invite you to the southern coast. Here the majestic waterfalls, geysers, volcanos and glacier lagoons are available at hand’s reach. You can experience them regardless of age or physical condition. Tell us about your dreams, and we’ll forge them into an expedition that will be the adventure of your life!

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