Tungnaá – where it is and what it looks like

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Tungnaá is a river in southern Iceland. The Tungnaá River flows on the western side of the Vatnajökull Glacier and is both a spring and glacier river. In fact, most of its water comes not from the glacier itself, but from springs in Veiðivatnasveiði. The river then flows in a southwesterly direction until it reaches Vestur-Bjalla (near Landmannalaugar), where it continues in a northwesterly direction. There are also two power plants along which the river must pass before reaching the village of Þjórsá: Hrauneyjafossvirkjun and Sigölduvirkjun. Previously, the Tungnaá flowed through a gorge, but now the water flows around the power plant built between 1973 and 1977, and then flows into the Sigöldulón reservoir. Finally, the Tungnaá flows into the valley west of Búðarháls to then flow into Þjórsá.

Tungnaá Iceland, why is it white?

The milky appearance of Tungnaá is likely a result of the glacial flour, which is a natural and characteristic feature of glacial rivers. The color may vary depending on the amount of sediment in the water and the specific glacial environment.

Icelandic highlands Tungnaá

Located in Iceland, the Tungnaa Highlands is a breathtaking highland area, presenting extraordinary beauty and unique landscapes. This remote and unspoiled region offers a peaceful journey for nature lovers and adventurers, with undulating hills, vast plateaus and sweeping valleys. The Tungnaá River itself encourages fishing and wildlife watching. Hiking and exploring the varied terrain offer exciting experiences, with glacier-carved valleys and fascinating geological formations. Hikers should be prepared for challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Highlands Tungnaa

How to get to the Tungnaá

In previous years, the area could only be traversed by off-road vehicles. Due to the construction of the power plant, many roads on the hills were expanded, but this still has a class of F- roads (mountain roads) which are only accessible by super jeep vehicles. Bridges are now available in some places. Highland Road No. F26 Sprengisandsleið crosses the river at the Hrauneyjar power plant. Please be advised that in order to protect nature, driving out of marked paths in Iceland is prohibited by the law and heavy fines are imposed for breaking the ban.

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